Recipe: Shrimp Wontons (馄饨)

Dear Offspring,

A favorite of yours. You wouldn’t eat shrimp, but you would happily chomp down five shrimp wontons in one go! I’m so proud of you.

Love from Mom

Shrimp Wontons

Makes ~20 wontons


1/2 lb wild caught shrimp, peeled


2 stalks scallions (green part only), chopped finely

1/2 tsp salt


Egg wonton wrappers


A. Using a large chopper or chef’s knife, chop the shrimp finely. Do not use a food processor; it makes a mushy filling.

B. Mix the ingredients and the chopped shrimp (A) thoroughly.

C. Wrap the wontons. Everybody wraps wontons differently. Our family wraps our wontons into ingots.

• Place a small amount of the shrimp filling – about the size of a Malteser  – on a wonton wrapper.

• Fold the wrapper up into a triangle, using water and your finger as a brush to seal the sides.

• Bring the two bottom corners of the triangle together, sealing them with a drop of water.

These wontons can be served boiled (they cook very quickly and are ready when they float) or deep fried.

Served here, boiled, with egg noodles (tossed with a little oyster sauce and sesame oil) and bak choy.


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