Poisson en Papillote

Dear Offspring,

Your palate is still fickle about fish. That’s ok. So was Mom’s. But I love it now. So will you.

It’s a busy week with doctor’s appointments and contractors working in the house. Mom is also trying to get the unpacking from our big move from D.C. done. So an easy but wow recipe.

Love from Mom

Poisson en Papillote


4 wild caught snapper filets

Pinch of salt per filet

B. (per filet)

2 tbsp butter

4 shallots

12 thin lemon slices

2 tbsp dill, chopped finely


Preheat the oven at 425F/220C.

A. Sprinkle the fish filets with the salt.

B. Cut a piece of parchment paper about 18″ long, fold in two and cut a rough heart shape.

On one side of the heart shape, layer the ingredients as follows: shallots, 3 slices lemon, fish, salt, butter, herbs.

Fold and seal the parchment heart with little folds all round. I found a straightforward video demonstrating the method here.

Bake for 12 minutes. To serve, cut a cross on the top of the parchment envelope and slide the fish out.

Served here with a side of pasta.


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