Baby watch update: The day before Baby Rosie  arrives



Mince pies all the way from London to Virginia to Texas thanks to my good friend, Gina, one of the sweetest most thoughtful and godly women I have the pleasure of knowing. 

My first mince pie of the year. It hit a sweet spot!

Mid-morning snack: 

I was told I could eat anything I wanted today before Baby Rosie arrives tomorrow. But, I have a Asian tiger mom, so we all know that’s not entirely true. 

Birds’ nest soup, courtesy of my darling mother. 


Instant ramen noodles with a fried egg and kim chi, because that’s what I was craving. Food for champions… 

Tea time:

My usual Earl Grey and a digestive biscuit. 



My friend, Rachel, is an excellent cook and brought us dinner tonight. Miso roast chicken accompanied by a simply exquisite salad. 

Dessert. More birds’ nest soup. Lol. 


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