Mommy meals: Back home

 Christmas decorations have been kept to the minimal this year due to other (earthly) happenings, like the arrival of Baby Rosie. 

I’m so happy to bring Baby Rosie home from the hospital finally. This has been a super positive experience, with The Boy and my parents tag teaming and playing defense with two kids. I’ve been exceedingly blessed with friends who’ve texted, prayed, brought us meals as well. 


The Boy cooked a pot of navy bean soup and baked a pan of corn bread last night. The perfect meal for a rainy evening. 


My friend, Sol, brought over fajitas and this pretty tres leches on Sunday. This woman has THREE kids under the age of five herself, people; the youngest is only 3 months old. And she brought my family A MEAL. That’s love right there. 

  Pan-fried Chilean sea bass

Salt & pepper spare ribs

Of course, my mom has been keeping up with my post-partum menu. And it’s been delicious.  

I honestly don’t know how I could have done it without my parents’ help this time round. And my friends. And a fabulous husband who put up Christmas decorations, took over household chores, and still thinks I look great without sleep. It truly takes a village.  


The birth of another baby, our King and Savior, draws near now. Soon it will be Christmas. My heart tingles with anticipation. 


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