Shanghai Restaurant (Houston)

Yong tau foo, Shanghai Restaurant (Houston)

Apologies for the lack of blog posts. The Boy’s parents are in town, as well as mine, so we have a full house! 

We’ve been eating though! Our first family reunion meal at my favorite Chinese restaurant in Houston – Shanghai Restaurant. Perversely, the food served here is actually Cantonese cuisine.  

This is one new dish I tried that evening – yong tau foo – peppers / eggplant / fried tofu stuffed with shrimp paste. 

Another new dish we ordered was salt & pepper beef ribs, which was the favorite for many that evening. 

Their pi pa tofu is an all-time favorite for my elder daughter, TLT (The Little Tigress). 

My favorite dish there is their braised beef ribs with eggplant in a clay pot (believe me, I’ve eaten it at many Chinese restaurants around town). 

The Boy loves their ginger scallion lobster and stir-fried snow pea shoots.

Time will tell what Baby Rosie likes!

If you like sweet & sour pork, theirs is the best outside chez Akins we have had. Not too sugary or cloying, and they use the shoulder cut, which is the best cut for this dish (the Cantonese use a specific part of the shoulder called gup sum, literally, hugging the heart)Or, why not try your hand at it? Recipe here

For all you adventurous foodies in Houston, Shanghai Restaurant is located in Chinatown, in the Welcome Center. 

Shanghai Restaurant

9116 Bellaire Blvd, Suite B

Houston, TX 77036


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