Singapore 2

Nasi lemak. Breakfast of champions!

Rice cooked in pandan (screwpine) -scented coconut milk, served with a fried egg, chicken wing, otak otak (grilled fish cake wrapped in banana leaf), cucumbers, ikan bilis (fried anchovies), and a huge dollop of sambal tumis (chilli paste stir-fried in coconut oil). Eaten with teh halia (ginger milk tea). 

A rare date morning with my beloved husband by the pool (while #1 splashes happily in it and #2 is carried by her grandparents; grandparents are AWESOME!). 

The line for nasi lemak at 7:30am on a Saturday morning! They open at 5am. I have no idea where to even get breakfast at 5am in Houston. My local taco truck only opens at 6:30am! Singapore is truly a 24 hour food paradise! 👊


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