Recipe: How to assemble a Charcuterie Board

Photo credit: L. Greene

Dear Offspring,

This is one I arranged for your (#1) godmother and one of my dearest friend’s birthday recently. An easy party pleaser that can also metamorph into a simple Summer meal. 
Love from Mom

How to assemble a charcuterie board

Meat. Select a variety of three or more cured meats. My go-tos are prosciutto, chorizo, salami, sausage. You can but go fancier from here, if your local butcher carries fancy. 😄

Meat spread. Usually a pâté or terrine. Of late, I have gotten into the habit of putting out a jar of duck rillettes, something that my parents introduced me to years ago. 

Cheese. Select a variety of three of more cheeses – a soft cheese, a firm cheese, a veined cheese. My favorites are brie, reblochon, smoked cheddar, comté, wensleydale containing fruit, gorgonzola. 

Pickles. I usually do green olives, but  gherkins, marinated artichokes, hearts of palm, pickled onions etc. work too. 

Spread. Usually a fruit preserve like apricot jam and honey. Sometimes a whole grain mustard as well depending on the type of meats you have selected. Like Paddington, I’m partial to marmalade. For this arrangement, I used a jar of my kumquat compote

Nuts & dried fruit. I usually put out whatever I have on hand – cashews, pistachios, brazil nuts, dried cranberries, dates etc. 

Fruit. Grapes are a simple choice. Sliced pears, fig halves etc. are great choices too. 

Bread & crackers. Duck rillettes spread on a fresh baguette slice. Heaven. Prosciutto wrapped around a bread stick. Inspired. Gorgonzola on a cracker (or a slice of pear!) drizzled with honey. Oh my. 

Don’t forget wine and cocktails! 


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