Recipe: Healthy Chicken Salad

I love chicken salad and have been experimenting with healthier substitutes for mayonnaise. I think I’ve hit the perfect combo! It’s basically guacamole. I’ve substituted guac for mayo. 

Proportion matters to make this work, both size of cuts and ratio of ingredients. 

Healthy Chicken Salad


1 small ripe avocado, mashed

Juice of one medium-sized lime (squeezed with one hand; I like it tart)

Pinch of salt


1 roasted chicken breast, cubed

1/8 red onion, diced finely

1/2 cup grapes, cut in half (approximate size of chicken cubes)

Sprinkle of sliced almonds 


A. Make a basic guacamole by combining all the ingredients. 

B. Use the guacamole (A) as a binding agent for the chicken salad by mixing in all the ingredients. 

Served here in nature’s own lettuce spoons (Romaine hearts). 


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