Recipe: Strawberry Cake

Dear Offspring,

One of your best friends and his family (who are also our dear friends) came over for an impromptu dinner tonight of Pink’s Pizza and cake. You and LC have such a similar sense of humor. I love watching y’all play together. When you grow up, I hope your times playing together will be one of your fondest memories. 

Love from Mom

Strawberry Cake

Step 1. Make a Victoria Sponge

Step 2. Whip up some Whipped Rose Cream

Step 3. Hull a punnet of strawberries and cut them in half. 

Step 4. To assemble, place one layer of Victoria Sponge, top side down, on a cake plate. 

Spoon half of the Whipped Rose Cream on top and spread with a spatula. 

Arrange the strawberries on top in a single layer. 

Spread the remaining cream on top. 

Place the second layer of Victoria Sponge on top, top side up. 

Sift confectioner’s sugar over – that’s all the decorating that is needed! 

After the kids got done “redecorating” the cake. 


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